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astrinas - Asian Trade and Investment Ltd. is a new top modern organisation for opening new markets for purchasing and sales opportunities between Asia and Europe.

astrinas was founded in 2011 in Europe as foreign trade and investment developing association especially for business and investments in new and existing markets. Since the foundation we are coaching successfully business contacts in Europe and Asia for purchase and sales opportunities. We are supporting and attending trade delegations and exhibitions in Asia and Europe for manufacturers, exporters and traders in foreign countries and their target areas.

astrinas is placed in Switzerland, geographically in the heart of Europe, with the European office for the main business contacts to India, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Today we are just working with many partners worldwide. astrinas is the official and only contact center for companies, societies, institutions and all chambers of trade and commerce who are interested in business contacts and relations between Asia and Europe and finally to grow up the business activity
in each sector.

astrinas is a top modern international company for this business and is growing every year enduring with best success. On the European market astrinas is an important number in acting as agent for personal one to one business between suppliers and customers for industrial and non-industrial products for every branch.

Our business policy follows to our slogan: TRUST - COMPETENCE - EXPERIENCE - INTELLIGENCE!



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02/12/2017 16:10
Thank you for visiting us at the Stainless Steel World exhibition in Maastricht from 28th to 30th...
09/10/2017 17:57
Since 05.10.2017 we are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company. Please check...
28/03/2017 16:45
We enlarged our product assortment with a wide range of stainless steel unequal angle...
21/01/2017 15:36
We enlarged our product assortment with a wide range of stainless steel sheets and coils in the...
05/09/2016 20:39
Please check our aluminium tooling lists online now here: Industrial products
03/01/2015 20:36
Our product range is now complete. Please follow to this link: Industrial products
27/01/2013 12:35
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05/05/2012 10:28
Do you had pleasure on our new website or do you have any further remarks for our products and...
05/05/2012 10:27
With pleasure we present you our new website. Here you can find an overview about our products...
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astrinas - Asian Trade and Investment Ltd. Management:
astrinas - Asian Trade and Investment Ltd.
Stockport, branch office Opfikon
Balz-Zimmermann-Strasse 7
CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Phone: +41 32 510 61 30
E-Mail: management@astrinas.com

Sales office Germany:
Schaub Metals
Gross-von-Trockau-Platz 4a
DE-91052 Erlangen
Phone: +49 9131 926 55 61
E-Mail: kontakt@schaub-metals.com

Manufacturing office:
astrinas Manufacturing Industry Ltd.
18th Floor, On Hong Commercial Building,
145 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
HK-Hong Kong
Phone: +86 181 6554 2100
E-Mail: astrinas@qq.com

astrinas - Asian Trade
and Investment Ltd.
Carpenter Court, 1 Maple Road
GB-Bramhall Stockport SK7 2DH
Cheshire, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7024 06 96 70
Skype: astrinas1 info@astrinas.com